Lose 21 lbs in 21 days! 12 Weeks and you’ll have the body of your dreams! Just take this shake (insert brand here) 2-3 times per day a long with a sensible diet and you’ll get into miraculous shape. All of these promises prey on your emotions. Fat loss is an emotional issue. We want it to be gone now and as fast as possible. That’s why these products sell.


I’m not saying that these fad diets and supplement products don’t work. They can and do for some. Are some of these strategies healthy? – Definitely not. Starve yourself for 21 days and you will lose weight. Control your calories through shakes and your weight will drop. Commit to a training and nutritional strategy for 12 weeks and your body will change. I’m sure you know that the people who do succeed with these strategies and keep their weight off long-term, are the exception, not the norm.
The ideal scenario is to create lifelong, sustainable habits with nutrition and exercise.


I believe why most people fail to experience lasting change in their body composition is because of habit formation. Proper habit formation takes time. The old 21-30 days to change a habit myth has been debunked. The time it takes to successfully change a habit varies but on average it’s about 60 days! It really doesn’t matter if it takes you 10 days or 300 days- the most important thing is that eventually you nailed it and you’ve started the process for change.


So you can see with a lot of these weight loss gimmicks that the actual habit formation hasn’t even taken place!Additionally, many successful habits have to be practiced faithfully to live a lean and fit life.Here is some food for thought. If you change just one habit the likeliness of you changing that habit is about 80%. That’s if you commit, practice, and make the change. When you add a second habit to throw into the mix, your success drops to 20%!!So if there are many habits for you to change and you’ll be more successful changing one habit at a time, this is where patience comes to play.If there are many habits to change and you’ve successfully changed one- be super proud of yourself!
Have you been training 3 times per week for a while- great job!Replaced all of your sugary drinks with water- excellent!Based your diet around whole foods instead of packaged items- right on!These simple things will completely change your appearance over time.Be patient and know that all of the changes you are making no matter how small will add up to gigantic changes in your health long term. Dont be that guy or gal who changes everything and goes nowhere because they can’t keep it up. Be that person who changes one thing successfully. Then another. Stack your changes up and eventually you are effortlessly practicing a healthy lifestyle without even trying because your habits are what you just “do”.


Focus on the process of habit formation, not on your goals. Another way to put it is focus on changing your behavior (which are you habits) instead of the outcome (your goals). This is really all you can control.Try to not bother thinking about your goals. Sounds crazy, hey?Goals can make you unhappier in the meantime because you are thinking that currently you are not good enough, but when you reach this goal you will be. This can greatly hinder you from embracing the process of forming new habits.
The take home message is this: focus on changing the one worst habit you have thats stopping you from achieving your fat loss goal. Just change this one thing. Throw everything you’ve got at it. Be patient with yourself. Be proud that you’ve started the change process. Once you got this, add another. Don’t worry that you’re not where you want to be. You will be, one step at a time….with time and patience.

Michael Danis