About Michael

Michael Danis is a trainer and coach who guides his clients to move better, eat healthier and most importantly develop a stronger, body, mind and character. He is always evolving as an athlete and coach; inspiring and guiding his clients to become their best self. He focuses on bringing out his clients hidden abilities, through finding their unique strengths in life. He uses those strengths, along with his experience coaching hundreds of people, to help his clients form new ass kicking habits that create real changes in their lives for good. Though he feels formal education is important and is always learning from books, courses and seminars, he has developed a unique ability of knowing what each person needs to do next, to reach their goals. Helping his clients develop and implement an action plan to move forward is the key to helping his clients achieve success. He believes in real sustainable action plans and strategies, for real people, with real struggles and with real lives. This gets them results because there is no universal approach for everyone.

When he began training as a young teenager, he was weak, with little to no muscle development, poor posture and lacked confidence in himself. The struggle to correct muscle imbalances, weakness and poor movement in himself and his clients has led Michael to pursue the wonderful journey of lifelong learning. Having a university education in Nutrition and Kinesiology and numerous certifications, including Kettlebell instruction, Nutrition Coaching, Crossfit and being a Certified Fitness Trainer, has helped him on his mission to make others better. This passion of learning and growing coupled with the love for helping people, has been integral to his success in coaching his clients and for himself as an athlete and record-holding powerlifter.

Once he started training, he was on a constant mission to improve- now that he could see how this journey was doing amazing things for his life. Knowing how powerful building a healthy strong body was for him, he knew from a young age that it was his mission to help others feel the same way. To pass on this passion and knowledge led him to his first personal training clients at 20. You can tell how much he cares and loves the fitness lifestyle- he strives to let everyone know what training has done for himself physically, emotionally and spiritually. He thrives on passing on this knowledge and experience to his clients while trying to ignite a similar passion in them. His mission is to coach real people and help them achieve extraordinary things.

Michael lives in Kelowna, B.C. with his beautiful amazing wife and energetic always surprising three girls. Spare time is spent being active with his family, doing everything from hiking, biking and exploring to snow sports and gymnastics in the park. He also enjoys preparing and eating delicious whole foods. He currently trains a limited number of clients online and at his private facility.

The Facility

Our private facility is stocked with top of the line equipment to get you to your fitness goals and beyond. IĀ have designed our facility to get you motivated, have fun, and most importantĀ get you the results you want!

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